Disc Golf Fun in Manitowoc’s Silver Creek Park

by Janice

Silver Creek Park, here in Manitowoc, has become a popular stop for disc golf enthusiasts staying at The Westport B & B. And disc golf seems to be gaining enthusiasts daily.

Disc golf can be played by anybody. There is minimal cost to it — you just need a flying disc; no caddy required. It’s good exercise. And people of all ages can play it.

Silver Creek Park course is an 18-hole course designed for all skill levels. It has enough obstacles to make it interesting without being too frustrating and is nearby on South 10th Street.  Like it’s inspiration — the more expensive and time-consuming game of golf — disc golf players get to enjoy the outdoors in a beautiful setting. Silver Creek Park offers several lookout points along Lake Michigan as well as a lovely beach front.

Disc Golf just seems to go with summer.

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