The Lake Michigan Ferry Means It’s Summer Time

by Janice

A lot of the guests at The Westport bed and breakfast come from, or are going to, Michigan on the car ferry. Especially this summer, with gas prices making the fare well worthwhile.

But aside from the savings, the ferry offers a chance to really get into the spirit of summer. As the song says, “Summer time and the living is easy.” You can’t rush the ferry. The Manitowoc ferry glides along Lake Michigan at an easy, steady pace while you watch the water, talk with people, read, snack, play a game or even nap. It’s hard to be frantic on a ferry. What would be the point.

We all need to slow down from time to time and enjoy the moment. The ferry, and we hope our B & B, seem to encourage relaxation.

3 Responses to “The Lake Michigan Ferry Means It’s Summer Time”

  1. shrestha12 Says:

    It’s real cool to be in Michigan Ferry.A lifetime experience to be remembered.

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  2. Robert Worthington Says:

    I drive by your B & B all the time. The condition of your property is impeccable! Should you need an update on your blog or perhaps some additional photos with a high performance wide angle lens, I would be happy to help; free of charge. Consider it a tour in exchange for a photo shoot of your B & B. Your thoughts?

  3. Robert Worthington Says:

    Soon I should be able to send you the photos of the B&B. Thanks for your patience. Between a business and family, free time has been limited. I’m excited for you to see the photos, they turned out great.

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